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General Sessions Overview


Untapped Potential in Elementary Schools – the Future of Blood Donation

Maryke Harris, Public Relations Practitioner
South Africa National Blood Service

Did you know that the U.S. Gen Z Youth has buying power exceeding $500 billion?  What are these figures looking like in your country? 

What are you currently spending in money or resources on educating the youth, who are not of blood giving age yet, about the importance blood donation?

By focusing on this specific target market, you are able to immediately increase blood collections in addition to shaping blood donors for the future.  Proven success in parts of South Africa will be shared where these schools contribute up to 20 percent or more of total blood collections with up to 43 percent of the youth becoming active blood donors once they reach the minimum donation age.

Campaign specific as well as variations on the elementary school concept will be shared, making it a universally applicable concept for countries with limited resources as well as where systems are more advanced.


Creating An Outstanding Onboarding Experience to Increase Donor Retention in New Donors

Isabelle Contu, CX Advisor

Acquiring new donors is one thing, we all succeed in that field; retaining them and advancing them in their donor careers is the challenge that we have given ourselves. In this presentation, you will learn more about the design process and key takeaways to learn from to create an new donor’s onboarding process.


How and Why Charities Should Provide Feedback to Their Donors

Lars Eberhart, Head of Donor Management
Blood Center for Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland

New donor generations expect more transparency and feedback on the use of their donation. What is the effect of telling donor’s if and when their blood was used (or delivered)?


Implementation of UK FAIR Recommendations in Scotland

Dr. Lorna McClintock, Consultant Haematologist and Clinical Lead for Blood Donation
Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service

FAIR report recommended asking all donors the same questions about recent sexual behavior, allowing most MSM men with the same sexual partner for three months to donate. Overview of report and SNBTS implementation including donor communication strategy, donor and media response and donor deferrals.


Donor recognition – How to recognize donors without incentivizing

Irene van Schalkwyk, Manager, Marketing Services
New Zealand Blood Service

Overview of NZBS donor reward and recognition program, app milestone developments, Plasma gold club and social media utilization to recognize donors.


A Creative Way to Engage Donors: Challenge them

Rufan Li, Chief Marketing Officer
Hoxworth Blood Center

Learn about engage donors through programs designed to challenge them and include them.

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