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COVID-19 Idea Exchange

ADRP is continuously looking to gather insight into what donor centers are doing during this unprecedented time. Below you will find submissions from across the globe, including sample documents that you are welcome to implement in your donor center. We will be updating this page multiple times a week as new submissions are received. Keep submitting ideas through this online form


  • We shared a gratitude and grace while we managed long wait times.  Text donors in their cars, etc. Sent out messaging to our coordinators about essential to keep drives.
  • Only closed beverages and snacks.
  • Mounted several pump-dispensers with disinfectants at the entrance of the center.
  • Staffing our center to take walks-ins M-F.
  • All donors temps to be taken prior to registration/sign in (we are not retaking high temps. We are not documenting anything in BECs.  We will then take the temperature again in screening if acceptable prior to reg).
  • Donors will be asked the following:
    • Are you experiencing coughing?
    • Are you experiencing shortness of breath
    • Have you traveled to the following countries (right now it’s the 4 but can easily change any time) – not part of the deviation but something we are already doing
    • If yes to any – donor should self defer.
  • Space waiting area chairs approximately 6 feet apart (may have to put signs on community couches saying do not use) – where possible!
  • Space canteen chairs approximately 6 feet apart.
  • Separate donor beds with a blue screen/panel (picture attached).
  • If registration area becomes too congested, write donor’s cell number down and ask them to return to their car and we will text them when we are ready for them.
  • Encourage appointments.
  • Bus drives:  Limit the number of donors on a bus at one time.  Use the texting method to space out donors.
  • We have implemented passive screening stations in our centres with signs encouraging symptomatic people not to enter the centres.
  • Considering reassessing our donor deferral policies, and will consider modifications to eligibility criteria in the event of a severe shortage.

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