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COVID-19 Idea Exchange

ADRP is continuously looking to gather insight into what donor centers are doing during this unprecedented time. Below you will find submissions from across the globe, including sample documents that you are welcome to implement in your donor center. We will be updating this page multiple times a week as new submissions are received. Keep submitting ideas through this online form

Staffing Ideas

  • Where practical, we have some departments working from home, others have been  advised to “rotate” staff into the office where working from home is not available for all, and we’re practicing that “6-foot” social distancing rule in office meetings and other employee gathering areas.
  • Implemented travel advisories for out of country business and personal staff travel (deferring business, strongly discouraging personal), and discouraged non essential in country business travel.
  • Implemented virtual work policies, where possible, empowering and encouraging work from home.


  • We are seeking to ensure public health social distance messaging from governmental authorities specifically exclude blood donations from activities to be avoided.
  • Sent a “heads up” inventory letter to hospitals.
  • Reviewing central delivery and redistribution by the hospital system out to their regionals, allowing them control of triage and unit placement.
  • Hospitals were supportive of the proposed single day supply and no returns policy

Cleaning Protocols

  • Clean all equipment after each donor/procedure/anything the donor touches
  • Change gloves between every donor.
  • Change gloves more frequently.
  • Wipe down beds between every donor.
  • Pens:  create a “used” bin for pens. Donor signs in with “clean” pens from clean container and then places pen in “used” bin. Frequently clean “used” pens from bin and add to “clean” container.
  • We mounted several pump-dispensers with disinfectants at the entrance of the center.

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