Educating & Empowering Blood Center Professionals Worldwide

Committee Leadership

Conference Subcommittee - Dawn Kaiser

Webinar Subcommittee - Tammy Whiteley
Workshop Subcommittee - Nicole Pineault

Executive Oversight -  Amanda Farrell 
Executive Director - Carla Peterson

Professional Development Committee

Conference Subcommittee

This committee is responsible for identifying, collecting and sharing of best practices among ADRP subscribers. It is made up of three subcommittees: Conference, Webinars, and Workshops.

The purpose of the Conference subcommittee is to ensure that the ADRP education programs at Annual Conference are consistent, relevant and appropriate for the diverse attendee audience. Duties include annual development of the Conference’s theme and areas of concentration, speaker and awards selection, evaluation and selection of abstracts and guidance in their development, and general and specialty session and roundtable planning. 

Webinar Subcommittee

The purpose of the webinar subcommittee is to promote the identification, collection, and sharing of best practices among ADRP subscribers in the areas of collections, communications, marketing and recruitment. The subcommittee assists in the identification of webinar topics and sourcing of speakers and content. Subcommittee members are expected to participate in webinars as the guest moderator or to help engage the audience in a vigorous discussion.

Workshop Subcommittee

The purpose of the workshop subcommittee is to plan and deliver workshop educational offerings on topics determined by the committee leadership. Workshops can be face to face or virtual events. The subcommittee assists in the identification of content and sourcing of speakers to support each planned event. Subcommittee members are not required to attend workshops but attendance is encouraged.

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