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ADRP is continuously looking to gather insight into what donor centers are doing during this unprecedented time. Below you will find submissions from across the globe, including sample documents that you are welcome to implement in your donor center. We will be updating this page multiple times a week as new submissions are received. Keep  submitting ideas through this online form

Content submissions

Recruitment Efforts

  • We shared a gratitude and grace while we managed long wait times. Text donors in their cars, etc. Sent out messaging to our coordinators about essential to keep drives.

  • Ask any school, business, etc. with a digital marquee to simply put: PLEASE DONATE BLOOD, Location XXXX. Dozens have done this, including bank branches and schools, so those who are out in the community will see the message repeatedly as they drive.

  • Started a #DonateBloodChallenge and utilized state representatives and other legislators to participate in press conferences.

  • Getting good venues is top priority.

  • It has worked for us to text-message “Yes, we are open!”
  • Our donor coordinator used social media, news outlets and the newspaper to spread the need and raise awareness about how this has been affecting our inventory.
  • Posted picture of our actual inventory ex..what we have on the shelf vs. what we need and we received the biggest response to that.
  • Modify all messages to re-affirm the need for blood and "help others"
  • We are working in conjunction with the Board of Elections to host drives at some of the more busy polling locations.  
  • The bloodmobile drives that are taking place, we are actively working to spread out appointments to minimize donors congregating; apprising sponsors of enhanced precautions and sanitation; encouraging scheduling an appointment and limiting walk-ins; and heavily promoting to donors at canceled drives to donate at our Center. We are also focusing on agencies who would not have employees working remotely and asking them to host the bloodmobile.
  • Sending “dear donor” letters to the donor base, with the same message as Australia.
  • Web based and social and traditional media tactics to reach our donor base with the same message as Australia: importance of ongoing donation, collection centers are safe places of wellness.
  • We have replaced canceled drives with community drives (Walmarts, Food City, etc.). To date, we haven't had to use any extra incentives for donors but have that in consideration
  • Mythbusters posted on our website
  • We've been a sponsor for years for ADRP and have been working with numerous blood banks to help provide reward incentives to help donor recruitment. Movie tickets have been a popular choice over the years, but with theater closures due to COVID-19, we have other reward options that donors can enjoy, at home! We have an in-home on-demand movie platform, FandangoNOW where consumers can watch over 100K movies and tv shows. This could be a great alternative to get blood donations.
  • We aren't a blood center, but we do have a reward ( Tango Card ) that our customers, including blood centers, are finding attractive - the Reward Link Delivery - which can be distributed digitally and redeemed for food delivery, grocery delivery and other items that be enjoyed from home. "Show appreciation to donors and staff with rewards they can enjoy in the comfort of their home."

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