Donated Bloodmobile Delivered to Mexican Blood Center

Tue, July 18, 2017 8:26 AM | Steve Bolton

Global Blood Fund (GBF) recently facilitated the handover of a donated bloodmobile at a donor recruitment event in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. The bus, donated by San Diego Blood Bank, was received by the Minister of Health for Yucatan at the 2º Congreso internacional Donación Voluntaria de Sangre held June 26 – 28, 2017.

GBF has handed over a total of 7 bloodmobiles this year with others delivered to Asia and Africa. Bloodmobiles add value to the receiving donor centers by providing operational flexibility and access to new communities in a safe, comfortable donation and working environment. Receiving organizations benefit from added visibility for public awareness and signal a high-profile "step up" for health services within poorer countries. Often these are the first vehicles of this type to be deployed in the receiving countries.

Gavin Evans of Global Blood Fund said, “We are always on the look out for new bloodmobiles [that are] retiring or no longer compliant with emissions legislation. We have a waiting list of state blood services in Mexico and would look after all logistics and costs involved in the re-homing of the donated vehicles.”

In addition to equipment exchange, GBF also facilitates the program, Open Arms, that allows donors to make a charitable donation in-lieu of taking a t-shirt or other recognition item, and instead the blood center makes a financial donation to GBF (equivalent to the value of the gift) on the donor’s behalf. 

Media attend the handover of a bloodmobile in San Diego, California and the reconditioned vehicle in Yucatan, Mexico. Pictured are Ministry of Health representatives with Martin Gomez of Blood Systems, Inc. and Gavin Evans of GBF.

In 2008, Oklahoma Blood Institute founded the 501(c)(3) non-profit, Global Blood Fund (GBF). During the past decade GBF through its mission to reduce the inequalities in blood safety and sufficiency between rich and poor countries has grown in influence and impact among the global blood banking community.  

Dr. John Armitage, CEO for OBI said of the Open Arms program, “Blood donors are naturally giving people who are often willing to forego a t-shirt or other recognition item when they have an easy opportunity to super-size their giving on behalf of patients.  Most have no idea that the vast majority of people around the world do not have safe blood that is reliably available.  Once these heroes learn that each year 100,000s of women in childbirth and kids under 5 years old die because they can’t get transfusions they jump right in to help through our Open Arms program.  Every year we get 30,000+ individual contributions representing about 15 - 20% participation.”

To learn more about the Open Arms program and GBF, email

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