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ADRP - Moving to a Subscription Model

Since ADRP joined forces with America's Blood Centers, ADRP will move from a membership to a subscription model. Information on this new model will be mailed to former members and prospective subscribers soon. ADRP will continue to provide great resources under the new model.

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ADRP Annual Conference:
May 1-3, 2017 - Chicago Hilton

Deadline to Submit Call for Presentation: Tuesday, November 1

2016-17 Webinars

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Successful Social Media Advertising Strategies

November 17, 2016 - 2 pm CST

Zika and the Blood Supply

December 8, 2016 - 3 pm CST

Recorded Webinars

October Webinar: Effectively Building Strong Donor Recruitment and Donor Collections Relationships










ADRP Joins Forces with America's Blood Centers

In May 2016, ADRP members voted to join forces with America’s Blood Centers. The goal was to unite two organizations committed to providing educational opportunities for professionals who are committed to donor recruitment, donor experience and donor management, both nationally and internationally. For more information go to ABC Merger Updates.

For more information on 's new partner, America's Blood Centers, go to