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ADRP Awards

The ADRP Conference Committee has unveiled an exciting array of new award categories as part of our 2024 Annual Conference. Designed to align with our association's inclusive vision, these updated categories reflect our commitment to diversity as we recognize excellence in a variety of areas. While the deadline for 2024 award nominations has passed, we invite you to attend the awards ceremony at our conference in St. Louis in May 2024.

Individual AWARDS


Since its establishment in 1991, the prestigious Franzmeier Lifetime Achievement Award has been synonymous with honoring outstanding individuals who have made a lasting impact on ADRP and the broader blood community. Named in honor of the late Vice President of The Blood Center of Southeastern Wisconsin, Ron Franzmeier, this esteemed award celebrates individuals who have exemplified dedication, innovation, and leadership throughout their careers.

Nominee must have been a member of ADRP for a minimum of five years and their contribution must have had an impact on the association and the industry.

Ronald O. Gilcher, MD Award

Established in 2004, the Ronald O. Gilcher, MD Award pays tribute to the incredible legacy of the former President, CEO, and Chief Medical Officer of the Oklahoma Blood Institute. This award serves as recognition of individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and leadership in the field of blood donation and medical science.

Nominee must hold or have held, in the past two years, a senior executive position within a blood center and made significant contributions to the industry both within his or her organization and in wider capacities.


The Donor Experience Professional of the Year Award is designed to honor outstanding team members in the collections, recruitment, marketing, communication, or operations sectors. This award celebrates individuals who make a profound impact through their dedication and commitment to serving our industry and its donors.

Nominee must have two years of experience and have developed and implemented a new strategy or program resulting in:

  • The achievement of collection goals
  • Be engaged routinely in the highest level of customer service and donor experience.
  • The successful engagement and retention of donors.


The Rolf Kovenetsky Leader of the Year Award was instituted to honor exceptional individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in the fields of recruitment, collections, marketing/communications, or operations. This award is specifically designed to recognize supervisors, managers, and directors who have made a significant impact in their respective disciplines.

Successful nominee exhibits development and celebration of team members, encourages strategic thinking, possesses problem solving skills and prioritizes passion for their work.


The ADRP Volunteer of the Year Award is presented to an extraordinary individual who has consistently showcased exceptional dedication and invaluable contributions to ADRP, fostering the growth and advancement of the association and its members.

Organization Awards

Media Partner Award

Since its establishment in 2003, the Media Partner Award has sought to recognize the importance of media representatives in creating awareness about the pressing and constant demand for regular blood donations. Their contributions help educate and engage the community about the critical importance of donors of all blood types.

Nominees must demonstrate consistent support throughout the year and sponsor an annual or bi-annual event on a large scale with blood drives or other donation events.

Blood drive partner of the year Award

The Blood Drive Partner of the Award recognizes outstanding individuals and organizations that go above and beyond to prioritize and promote blood donation within their respective communities. Whether it's an organization, business, or community members, the recipients of this award are trailblazers in creating awareness, organizing successful campaigns, and inspiring others to join the life-saving mission of donating blood.

School partner of the year Award

The School Partner of the Year Award recognizes the outstanding dedication of a high school or college in promoting and prioritizing blood donation within its student body and local community. This award celebrates the exceptional commitment demonstrated by the recipient in fostering a culture of altruistic blood donation.

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