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Award Categories

  • Donor Recruiter of the Year
  • Donor Collections Team Member of the Year
  • Marketing Communications Team Member of the Year
  • Franzmeier Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Gilcher MD Leadership Award
  • Rolf Kovenetsky Leader of the Year Awards
    • Recruitment
    • Collections
    • Marketing Communications
  • Media Partner of the Year
  • Blood Drive Partner of the Year
  • School Partner of the Year

Application process is now closed. Next year's application will open January 2024. 

Individual AWARDS

Ron Franzmeier Award

Ron Franzmeier Lifetime Achievement Award was established in 1991 to honor the former Vice President of The Blood Center of Southeastern Wisconsin after he died unexpectedly at the age of 46. 

Nominee must have been a member of ADRP for a minimum of five years and their contribution must have had an impact on the association and the industry.

Ronald O. Gilcher, MD Award

Ronald O.  Gilcher , MD Award was  established in 2004 in honor of the former President, CEO, and Chief Medical Officer of the Oklahoma Blood Institute.

Nomi nee  must hold or have held, in the past two years, a senior executive position within a blood center and  made significant contributions to the industry both within his or her organization and in wider capacities.


The ADRP Volunteer of the Year Award is given to an individual who has demonstrated a high level of service to ADRP, the development of the association and its members.

Donor Recruiter of the Year Award

Donor Recruiter of the Year Award was established in 1982 to recognize an outstanding donor recruiter in the blood banking industry.

Nominee must have two years of donor recruitment experience and have developed and implemented a new strategy or program resulting in the achievement of collection goals.

marketing communications team member of the Year Award

The Marketing Team Member Award was established to recognize the valuable role marketing and communication professionals plays in the engagement and retention of blood donors and blood drive sponsors.

Nominee must have two years of related experience and have direct responsibility for marketing and/or communication planning and implementation leading to successful engagement of donors.

Collections Team Member Award

The Collections Team Member Award was established to recognize the valuable role collections plays in the donor experience.

Nominee must have two years of donor services experience and have direct responsibility for blood or platelet/plasma-pheresis collections, with a demonstrated willingness to exceed organizational requirements.

Leader of the Year Awards

The Rolf Kovenetsky Leader of the Year Awards were established to recognize outstanding supervisors, managers, and directors in recruitment, collections and marketing/communications. Nominee must have worked for a minimum of two years as a leader in one of these disciplines. The winners of these awards may serve on a panel of experts during a session at the ADRP Conference.

  • Recruitment Leader of the Year
  • Collections Leader of the Year
  • Marketing Communications Leader of the Year

Organization Awards

Media Partner Award

The Media Partner Award was established in 2003 to recognize the support of media in recruiting donors. As partners, the recruiter and representatives of the media work in concert to educate the general public of the daily need for donors of all types.

Nominees must demonstrate consistent support throughout the year and sponsor an annual or bi-annual event on a large scale with blood drives or other donation events.

Blood drive partner of the year Award

The Blood Drive Award is given to a person or organization that establish blood donation as a priority, either within an organization, business or in the community. 

School partner of the year Award

The School Partner of the Year Drive Award is given to a high school or college that has shown an exceptional commitment to establishing blood donation as a priority among its students and community.

ADRP Awards

Each year at the ADRP Annual Conference, we honor individuals, groups, and organizations that have demonstrated outstanding service, accomplishments or leadership in a donor experience profession.

Award winners receive a complimentary registration to annual ADRP conference, a commemorative award and recognition at the conference, on the website and in The Drop . The nominating organization agrees to provide transportation and lodging at conference for award winner (s). Finalists may be asked for additional supporting information from the awards committee during the selection process.

You must be an ADRP member to be eligible to nominate or win an award.

Take a look at the winners from years past.

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