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The Association for Blood Donor Professionals 

Public Awareness Partner Program

Started in 2022, the ADRP and the Public Awareness Committee, ADRP Board, ABC President,  will collaborate with interested industry partners and other organizations in addressing public awareness of the need for ready blood supply. Joint efforts including asset creation, national partnerships, and potential research projects.

The partner program was designed to bring together like-minded individuals and organizations committed to making a difference in the lives of those who need blood to share thoughts, ideas, and opportunities for the future.

To harness the collective passion of these individuals and businesses, ADRP created the Partner program as a forum for the sharing of insights, ideas, information, and resources to better amplify the universal message to donate blood through partnership and collaboration. To learn more, please contact Carla Peterson, Executive Director, ADRP. 



Marketing Resources


Be a part of a collaboration with blood center leaders and other industry partners in creating a unified voice to the public. Many organizations are working on various public awareness efforts, however, we will be stronger together if we all come to the table and pool our resources and expertise.

ADRP is committed to continue the work towards this goal. Efforts will be focused on research, development of collateral for popular awareness months, many done in conjunction with partners such as the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, and exploring ways there can be a centralized portal for the public to access to gain information necessary to decide to become a blood donor. 

Choose the resources that match your needs.

Complete PSA toolkit with template letters, customizable graphics, videos, radio sound bits
and more.

Diversity and Inclusion Resources

>>> Sickle Cell Awareness Month

>>>Donor Diversity Resources

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