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Past Award Winners

ADRP celebrates these individuals, groups and organizations that have demonstrated outstanding service, accomplishments and leadership in saving lives.

Past Donor Recruiter of the Year Award Winners

 Year  Winner/Center
 2022  Corina Fors, Vitalant
  2021  Sharee Hoegerl, ImpactLife
  2020   Camille Piazza, Versiti
  2019   Michele McCaffrey, New York Blood Center
  2018   Elizabeth Morales, South Texas Blood & Tissue Center
  2017   Clinton McCoy, Cadrter BloodCare
  2016   Doreen Fiscina, Long Island Blood Services / New York Blood Center
  2015   Beverly Clark, United Blood Services
  2014   Pamela Engot, LifeSouth Citrus Region
  2013   Barbara Pearson, New Jersey Blood Services/NY Blood Center
  2012   Dana Puterbaugh, Community Blood Center
  2011   Leticia Mondragon, Coastal Bend Blood Center
  2010   Julie Lindsay, United Blood Services, Las Vegas
  2009   Rob Miller, United Blood Services, Fargo
  2008   BuAnna Phillips, Carter BloodCare
  Robin Friehling, New York Blood Center, Hudson Valley
  2006   Cindy James, United Blood Services, Farmington, NM
  2005   Suzan D. Detwiler, Miller-Keystone Blood Center
  Beverly Bean, American Red Cross Mid-Atlantic Region
  2003   Lu Turner Johnson, American Red Cross Carolinas Region
  2002   Forest Price, American Red Cross Mid-Atlantic Region
  2001   Heidi R. Ognibene, Northern Illinois Blood Bank
  2000   Monique Verduyn, The South African Blood Transfusion Service
  1999   Booker T. Williams, American Red Cross, North Carolina
  1998   Nikki Manscill, Stewart Region Blood Center
  1997   Kimberly Hooper, Metropolitan Washington Blood Banks
  1995   Donna Rogers, American Red Cross Carolinas Region
  1994   Barbara Hile, Grand Valley Blood Program
  1993   Claudia Valentine, American Red Cross Northeast Region
  1992   Rob Weber, LifeSource Blood Services
  1990   Daphne Mitchell, Canadian Red Cross Blood Society
  1989   Clara A. Borges, American Red Cross Blood Services
  1988   Deborah Syverson, San Diego Blood Bank
  1987   Marianne Timm, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center
  1986   Vera Wilmer, American Red Cross Blood Services
  1985   Mary Lou Kohrt, Wayne Pike Chapter American Red Cross
  1984   Lee Fort, American Red Cross Blood Services
  1984   Brian Koski, American Red Cross Blood Services
  1983   C. Sgt. Lloyd, Camp Bullis, Texas

PAST ADRP Volunteer of the Year Award Winners

 Year  Winner/Center
 2022 Lars Eberhart, Austrian Red Cross
 2021 Lindsay Hix, Webinar Committee Member, Oklahoma Blood Institute
 2020  Dawn Kaiser, ADRP Conference Committee Co-Char, Versiti
 2019  Shauna Lynch, ADRP Social Media Manager, New York Blood Center

Past Rolf Kovenetsky Manager of the Year Award Winners

 Year  Winner/Center
 2022 Leader of the Year Awards
Collections Award - Anabel Macias, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center
 Recruitment Award - Jaela McQuillan, Versiti

 2021 Leader of the Year Awards
Collections Award - Pete Lux, ImpactLife
 Recruitment Award - Amy Smith, Versiti


 Leader of the Year Awards
Collections Award - Evette Escoto, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center
 Recruitment Award - Chelsea Tibbetts, Community Blood Center of Kansas City, New York Blood Center Enterprise

 2019  Leader of the Year Award
 Recruitment: Kevin Shipley, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center
 Collections: Nicole Pinenault, New York Blood Center

 Leader of the Year Award
 Collections - Aubrey Oyler, United Blood Services
 Recruitment - Karen Muscolino, New York Blood Center

 2017  Susan Matsumoto, Canadian Blood Services
 2016  Brandye Norman, Carter BloodCare
 2015  Christine Fleming, American Red Cross Southern California
 2014  Meredith Spencer, Blood Source
 2013  Richard Miller, American Red Cross S. Carolina Region
 2012  Gabe Kussman, United Blood Services
 2011  Tammy Whiteley, Oklahoma Blood Institute
 2010  Andrea Cefarelli, New York Blood Center
 2009  Wendy Hill, Lifesouth Community Blood Center
 2008  David Montgomery, Community Blood Center of the Ozarks
 2007  Betsy B. Award, Memorial Blood Centers
 2006  Dunstan MacDonald, Canadian Blood Services, Prairies Region
 2005  Kim Kessler, American Red Cross, Central Ohio Region
 2003  Aissa A. Martin, American Red Cross, Southern Region
 2002  Margaret Lewis, Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center
 2001  Lisa Whitaker, American Red Cross, Carolinas Blood Region
 2000  Denise Brookie, American Red Cross, Carolinas Region
 1999  Lynn Jones, American Red Cross, Tennessee Valley Region
 Nelia Calagmas-Avila, National Kidney & Transplant Institute
 1998  Linda Bayer, South Texas Blood & Tissue Center
 1997  Nancy Lusk, Canadian Red Cross
 1995  Melinda Beauchamp, American Red Cross
 1994  Kay Piercy, American Red Cross, Charlotte
 1992  Nancy Pretre, United Blood Services
 1991  Len Lifchus, Canadian Red Cross Society
 Loyce O’Gwin, Southern Oklahoma Blood Institute

Past Ronald O Gilcher, MD Award Winners

Year  Winner/Center
 2022  David Oh, MD, Hoxworth Blood Center
 2021  Joe Chaffin, MD, LifeStream Blood Center
 2019   Martin Grable, OneBlood
 2017   J. Daniel Connor, Blood Systems, Inc.
 2016   John Hagins, Community Blood Center of Wisconsin
  Louis M. Katz, MD, America’s Blood Centers
  John Armitage, MD, Oklahoma Blood Institute
  Ron Hein, LifeShare Blood Centers
  Francine Decary, MD, PhD, MBA, OQ, Hema-Quebec
  Pat McEvoy, Blood Systems, Inc.
 2008   Gary Ouellette, American Red Cross
 2007   Robert F. Fechner, American Red Cross, Carolinas Region
  Ian Mumford, Canadian Blood Services
  Merlyn H. Sayers, MB, BCh, PhD, Carter BloodCare

Past Ron Franzmeier Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

 2022 Suzy Potter Strouse, The Blood Center
 2021 Marie Forrestal, New York Blood Center Enterprise
 2020  Sylvie Daignaut, Hema-Quebec
 2019  Darrin Greenlee, American Red Cross
 2018   Aissa Martin, American Red Cross
  Moira Carter, Scottish Blood Transfusion Service
 2015   Carol Mitchell, Canadian Blood Services
 2013   Joe Ridley, Carter BloodCare
 2012   Michael Nichol, Canadian Blood Services
  Paula Roberts, Blood Systems, Inc.
 2009   Diane Wolf, United Blood Services, Dallas, Texas
  Kathleen Connolly, Rhode Island Blood Center
  Joyce Kleist, Carter BloodCare, Dallas, Texas
  Diane de Coning, South African National Blood Services
  Barbara Albiniak, Lifeblood Mid-South Regional Blood Center
  Suzanne McCombs, Oklahoma Blood Institute
  Sharon Perkins, Virginia Blood Services
  Marilyn Hughes, Carter BloodCare
  Rolf Kovenetsky, New York Blood Center
  Roland Triet, Swiss Red Cross Blood Transfusion Services
  Jean Coach, Blood Bank of Alameda

Past Chairman Award Winners

 Year  Winner/Organization
 2016  Raye Deusinger, Okeechobee Blood Roundup
 Deb Whipple, Nationwide Insurance
 Dr. Ron Stroud, El Paso Community College
 Scott Van Duzer, Van Duzer Foundation
 Linda Marshall, SW Baptist University and Community Blood Drives
  Jack Patterson, Garland Scottish Rite Club
 David A. Moates, Lakewood Ranch High School, Brandenton, FL
 Marvin Holm, Lakewood High School, Lakewood, CA
 Frank Moullet, American Red Cross, Badger Hawkeye Region
 Kathy Caudell, Boyd Gaming, Las Vegas, NV

Past Team Member Winners

 Year  Winner/Center
 2022 Collections Team Member: Josh Balleza, Versiti
 Marketing Communications Team Member (new for 2022): Stephanie Sampiller, ImpactLife
 2021 Jonah Noriega, South Texas Blood and Tissue
 2019  Joan Schumacher, Hoxworth Blood Center
 2018  Nikki Gordon, Carter BloodCare
 2017   Ricardo Corpus, South Texas Blood & Tissue
 2015  Bonnie Liscio-Messina, New Jersey Blood Services
 Jennie Rasmussen, United Bood Services of the Dakotas

Past Media Partner Award Winners

Year  Winner
 2022 ABC 24, nominated by Vitalant
 2021  WCIA-TV, Peter Carlson, nominated by ImpactLife
 2020   Jones & Company 107.9, WSRZ, nominated by SunCoast Blood Bank
 2019  Fox 46, OneBlood
 2018  iHeart Media 107.9 WSRZ, SunCoast Blood Bank
 2017   AZTV7/Cable 13, Nominated by United Blood Services, Southwest Division in Arizona
 The Telegram, Newfoundland, Canada
 KCCI News 8, Des Moines, IA
 99.5 KISS FM - San Antonio
 Media General
 Asterisk Communications
 KABB, FOX 29 San Antonio, TX
 10 Connects - WTSP, Tampa Bay, FL
 Lone Star Media, Dallas, TX
 Bright House Networks, Florida
 KUVN-TV Channel 23 Univision Spanish Television, DFW, TX
 KSHE 95, St. Louis, MO (an Emmis Communications Station)
 91.5 KFLQ/99.5 KWFL Family Life Radio, Albuquerque, NM
 FM99 WNOR, Chesapeake, VA

Past Organization Award Winners

 Year  Winner

 Blood Drive Partner - Kabaka Foundation

School Partner - Davenport Community School District


 Blood Drive Award - Most Productive -Brenda Smith, Glad Manufacturing, nominated by Community Blood Center of the Ozarks

 Blood Drive Award - Most Creative - Eunice Park, Office of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, nominated by New York Blood Center Enterprises

 School Blood Drive Award (HS or College) - Don Schmidt, Northside Independent School District, nominated by South Texas Blood and Tissue

 Humanitarian Service Award (Community Organization) - Larry Ripley, Morris Area Community Blood Program, nominated by New York Blood Center Enterprises


 Blood Drive Award - Most Productive - Brad McDonough, FC Cincinnati, nominated by Hoxworth Blood Center

 Blood Drive Award - Most Creative - Christine Duggar, New Orleans Organ Grinders and Erica Dudas, New Orleans Music Clinic, Nominated by The Blood Center

 School Blood Drive Award (HS or College) - Dr. Zeb Jansante, Bethel Park High School, nominated by Vitalant

 Humanitarian Service Award (Community Organization) - Arizona Diamondbacks, nominated by Vitalant


 Blood Drive Award - Most Creative - Dr. Boudreaux, North Shore Plastic Surgery, nominated by The Blood Center

 Blood Drive Award - Most Productive - Chris Vettelson, Digi-Key Electronics, nominated by Vitalant

 School Blood Drive Award (High School or College) - Eric Phillips, University of Illinois at Chicago, nominated by Vitalant

 Humanitarian Service Award (Community Organization) - Tim Sashko, Everyday Heroes Program, nominated  by Vitalant


 Blood Drive Award - Most Creative - Cathy Flores, Northern AZ Volunteer Medical Corp.. nominated by United Blood Services

 Blood Drive Award - Most Productive - Janet Rewolinski, RN, Aurora Health Care, Inc. nominated by BloodCenter of Wisconsin

 School Blood Drive Award (High School or College) - François Gagnon, La Samare High School nominated by Héma-Québec

 Humanitarian Service Award (Community Organization) - Father Richard Augustyn, Kaleida Health System nominated by Unyts


 Blood Drive Award - Most Creative - Cool Today, nominated by Suncoast Blood Bank in Sarasota, FL

 Blood Drive Award - Most Productive - Cincinnati Bengals, Nominated by Hoxworth Blood Center

 School Blood Drive Award (High School or College) - Highland High School, Nominated by United Blood Services, Southwest Division in Gilbert, AZ 

 Humanitarian Service Award (Community Organization) - Storm Bratchett Memorial Blood Drive, Nominated by Hoxworth Blood Center in Cincinnati, OH

  2016  The Streets of New York, Phoenix, AZ
 World Mission Society Church of God
 Flight for Life
  2013  New York City Police Department
 Bob Moore Auto Group, Oklahoma City, OK
 IBM (International Business Machines), Rochester, MN
 United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, Kansas City, MO
 New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Lithonia, GA
 University of Missouri-Columbia
 Safaricom Limited, Nairobi, Kenya
 Air Products & Chemicals Inc., Allentown, PA
 Applied Materials, Freescale Semiconductor & AMD, Austin, TX
 New York State Unified Court System, Nassau County, NY
  2003  Fluor Corporation, Greenville, SC
 The South Dakota Air National Guard
 First Union Corporation
  2000  Georgia Power, Atlanta, GA
 New York Yankees, Bronx, NY
 Reliant Energy, Houston, TX
 Steak-Out, Central Kentucky Blood Center
 Dunkin’ Donuts Corporation, Providence, RI
 Exxon Corporation Dallas, TX
 AT&T, New York/New Jersey
 Codman & Shurtieff, Inc. Randolph, MA
 Johnson & Johnson, New Brunswick, NJ
 Metropolitan Life Insurance, New York, NY
 Newsday, Inc., Long Island, NY
 Ohio State University Hospital, Columbus, OH
 James River Corporation
 Sheraton Dallas Hotel & Towers
T he Dowell Corporation
 Hoxworth Blood Center, Cincinnati, OH

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