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A High School Biology Education Program

How can we ensure that blood is available for all those in need and create a safe and sustainable blood supply for our nation?

The effort starts with you. Throughout this program, we have included references to the Next Generation Science Standards, the latest in the field, making it easier for educators to fulfill requirements and complete lesson plans. Through this program, students will develop leadership skills and a growing interest to support our nation’s blood supply.

If you are an educator, this is a turn-key resource for you to implement immediately. We encourage you to work with your local blood center and your school's representative for blood drives when implementing this program.

For blood center professionals, we have included a complete kit to utilize when collaborating with your local school district, individual school representatives, and internal staff.


Developed through a collaboration of blood centers, an education consultant and international associations representing blood centers, inside this program you will find:

  • A comprehensive education program designed to meet Next Generation Science Standards.

  • Exclusive virtual patient scenarios that bring the lifesaving importance of blood donation to life.

  • Teacher preparation guide and student education video, creating a foundation for learning.

  • Extensive facts, glossary, student activities, career exploration opportunities, and more.



Engage students through:

  • Exclusive virtual patient scenarios that bring the lifesaving importance of blood donation to life.

  • Socratic Seminar, creating a dialogue surrounding a variety of suggested topics.

  • Creating a commercial, social media campaign, or survey to learn from others how we can increase interest in donating blood.

  • Reviewing a variety of career opportunities which help to support the nation's blood supply.


Incorporate this video into your lesson plans and show to the school when promoting a blood drive. Share by:

  • Posting on internal students school accounts, providing extra credit by watching the video.

  • Including it on the homepage for the high school.

  • Incorporating it into a social media campaign.

Blood Center Resources

Use these resources to help guide your journey in getting this program implemented into school curriculum in your area.

  • Schedule a meeting with your high school blood drive sponsor to share this new resource and see if the biology teacher can be invited.
  • Reach out to the superintendent and those responsible for creating curriculum, with support of your local high school, to distribute the program more widely.
  • Create a training with your recruitment staff with a complete set of talking points and overview on how to utilize the kit.
  • Listen in as Ronni (the educational consultant on the project) shares the approach to creating the Vein to Vein program.

NEW! We released a session from the 2022 ADRP Master Class, Vein to Vein Case Study, from ConnectLife. This session is jammed-packed with insight on how it is being presented, implemented, and tracked with their school sponsors. Take a listen.

Thank you to the following contributors:

America's Blood Centers   -   ConnectLife, Blood & Organ Donor Network   -   New York Blood Center Enterprises   -   Ronni McGrath, Education Consultant

A special thank you to Johnson & Johnson for sponsoring the creation and production of this program.

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