National Blood Donor Month Resources

Thanks for joining ADRP in recognition of National Blood Donor Month. We’re delighted to have you join in our campaign to spread awareness for the need for blood. Please utilize the following resources throughout the month of January to show your support. You can also download the logo to include on all of your marketing materials. Just right click on the image and save to your desktop. 


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Social Media

Sample Posts
  • Fact: 1 in 7 patients entering a hospital will use blood #NBDM #NationalBloodDonormonth #ADRP
  • Fact: 1 in 83 births will need a blood transfusion #NBDM #NationalBloodDonormonth #ADRP
  • Make lifesaving a habit, commit to donate in 2020 #NBDM #NationalBloodDonormonth #ADRP
  • There is no debate about it, donating blood will definitely help someone live another day #beahero #NBDM #NationalBloodDonormonth #ADRP
  • #Mythbuster: Having tattoos means you can't donate blood. FALSE, you can donate blood even if you have tattoos. Call your local donor center for more information #NBDM #NationalBloodDonormonth #ADRP 
  • January is #NationalBloodDonorMonth! Thank you to all of the donors who have helped keep the nation's blood supply ready when needed.
  • Do you know someone with cancer? Someone who is pregnant? Someone with sickle cell disease? Then you know someone who may need blood. Everyday, someone in your community may need blood, don't wait until a tragedy or shooting happens, donate today! #NBDM #NationalBloodDonormonth #ADRP 

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National Blood Donor Month Infographic

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