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ADRP Webinar: Thank the Donor

  • Thu, June 14, 2018
  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Online


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Presented by Oklahoma Blood Institute

Thank-the-Donor is a new, online, donor and patient relationship management tool that enables patients who have been transfused to say, “Thank You” to their blood donors in an anonymous, user-friendly format. Through this novel web application, blood recipients can send special messages not only to their particular blood donor(s), but also to blood center staff, hospital staff, and even vendors who have been part of the lifesaving chain! Recruiting donors and keeping them inspired can prove to be a challenge Thank-the-Donor creates an emotional connection and reminder that a real person is on the receiving end of each donor’s gift. Nothing feels better than receiving appreciation, and, often, patients are frustrated they can’t directly express gratitude to blood donors.

Thank-the-Donor perfectly fulfills both needs. You will learn how implementing this program in your blood center will inspire everyone from your employees to your hospital customers. You can share messages of thanks directly with donors who save a life, and keep them engaged as blood donors. A vital element of the Thank-the-Donor program is its protection of both patients’ and donors’ anonymity, thus maintaining privacy. The user creates the content and volunteers to send the message of gratitude, so confidentiality rules and privacy laws are respected. Thank-the-Donor unleashes the Attitude of Gratitude--allowing a patient, family member or friend to turn a difficult situation into something positive and inspirational. "Giving blood recipients an avenue to thank their blood donor! 

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