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ADRP Webinar: Strategies to Offset Donor Recruitment Challenges

  • Wed, June 24, 2020
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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ADRP Webinar: Strategies to Offset Donor Recruitment Challenges

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MVRBC uses data from Terumo’s KPI Dashboard to drive efficiencies in collection of apheresis products, including platelets collected vs. offered. Dashboard review shows us what sites are doing well and where we have opportunity. We mobilize Trima operations daily to meet our patient need. We have recently opened a donor center in a new territory. We mobilized Trima prior to opening the donor center to build the apheresis program. In addition to our purple-top program, we’re using Branch Analytics to increase our platelet-donor base. Finally, we will discuss our incentive programs for both donor services and donor recruitment staff. These incentives include: Phlebotomy Success Rate; Automated RBC Product goal; Apheresis Platelet Product goal; and Trima Efficiency goal. These were developed to drive improvement without just handing over money to collection and recruitment teams. These are quarterly incentives and have driven Donor Services and Donor Recruitment to work more closely together to increase collections.   

Description of presentation:

·       Improving drive collection efficiencies 

·       Implementing novel donor recruitment strategies

·       Using staff incentives to drive organizational success

·       Opening new brick and mortar, lessons learned

Learning Objectives:

1.       How to use data to drive and improve collections

2.       How to mobilize Trima to start a donor program before opening a bricks and mortar donor center

3.       How to use incentives for Donor Services and Donor Recruitment teams

Presenter: Pete Lux, Director Donor Services, Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center

Pete has been with MVRBC for five years but began his blood banking career in 1991 at Indiana Blood Center. He is a registered nurse with a Master of Science degree in Management. In his role as director, he empowers a team of more than 300 Donor Services associates to help more than 200,000 blood donors change the world one pint at a time. Pete’s industry knowledge is extensive, and for the past few decades, he has served on or led several project teams, including implementation of SafeTrace/DonorDoc, BioKey, mobile plateletphereis, Diapsect, DoVac Elite, and Macomix blood mixers with interface to DoVac Elite. When he’s not changing the world, you can find Pete boating on the Mississippi River, traveling, antiquing, or planning parties.


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